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Why Develop A Social Robot For Dementia Care?

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Rapidly Ageing Society

Care settings such as nursing homes are demanding enterprises to operate for both the organisation and the care staff involved. However, the aged care sector faces 2 impending challenges – a rapidly ageing society and a growing workforce deficit. 

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Growing Workforce Deficit

To be able to support the growing number of elderly in need of care, we are developing social robotic technologies to supplement the workforce and address care needs beyond just physically.

Enhancing Care for Dementia Wellbeing

The first of its kind multi-competent social robot for dementia care that supports social interactions with people with dementia in a care environment.

The Crushing Effects of an Ageing Population


In Singapore alone, the ratio of

elderly above the age of 65 to its population was 1 in 7.5 people in 2010.

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This ratio increased to 1 in 5 people in 2021.

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And it would further increase to 1 in 4 people by 2030.

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The sheer increase in the number of elderlies that require care exposes a multifaceted and challenging notion.

Addressing this problem with manpower alone is not a sustainable solution.

Dexie is developed to provide sustainable care for people with dementia by addressing a multitude of challenges from a social perspective.


The Reality of Dementia Care

  • Communicating with a person with dementia requires patience, compassion and empathy.

  • However, caregivers also deal with disruptive behaviours, mood swings, and language barriers, all while maintaining a calm and pleasant demeanour while performing their care duties daily.

  • To be constantly emotionally and socially present for the elderlies in need of care evidently exacts a mental and emotional toll on caregivers.

  • Dexie's technology allows it to bear some of the psychosocial aspects of care duties in a dignified manner for elderlies in need of care.

Ready-To-Go Dementia Care Program

Dexie comes equipped with a Dementia Care Program, a ready-to-go solution co-developed with our industry partner Goshen Consultancy that allows Dexie to engage elderlies in different care environments with 4 types of activities in a seamless "plug and play" experience right out of the box.

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Dexie is able to converse intuitively with residents in Mandarin and English. This conversational A.I. has been specially developed to offer a calming experience for people with dementia. This feature is fully autonomous and allows residents to converse with Dexie in their own time.


Currently our Dementia Care Program offers a range of multi-ethnic songs that includes English, Mandarin, Malay and Mandarin Dialect songs that Dexie would sing along with the elderly in an engaging way.


A curated range of exercise routines have been developed for people with dementia which offers them effective and engaging exercise sessions.


Our Dementia Care Program curates mentally stimulating games such as Bingo etc. to actively engage people with dementia over a prolonged period of time.


Dextron Remote Control

Easy to use

Optimized for workflow integration.

The Dextron Remote Control is an intuitive app that runs on a tablet or smartphone. It allows an individual care staff to operate Dexie remotely and facilitate the different activities available on the Dementia Care Program.

Nice to see a friendly face

Dexie's proprietary design showcases human-like features and movement. These human-like features are a deliberate design consideration that offer additional therapeutic value to people with dementia (based on a study which used a social robot in a nursing home).

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