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Our Story

Our mission at Dex-Lab is to contribute to the sustainability of our workforce through the use of social robots to augment social tasks that are routine and repetitive.


Robotics are already part of our daily lives. Through interactions with our smart home systems, and vacuum robots, we are already living in an era where robots assist us in our daily lives and our relationship with robots is going to evolve even further in the near future.


There are observable benefits to what social robotics can bring to the healthcare, education and service industries. Although these robots are yet to be adopted at scale in our daily lives, we believe it will add tremendous value in the engagement experience with end users, while augmenting the manpower in the different sectors. 


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A Place For Social Robots In Society

Here are some of the benefits that social robots will bring to both the organisations and the end users: 

Eliminate Human Biases

Humans are prone to emotions and biases that affect the way they interact with others. Using social robots would essentially eliminate any negative response that may occur in a typical social interaction between humans.

Increased engagement
with end users

Human-robot interactions are intuitive, high energy and consistent, resulting in a high level of engagement with the end users.

Consistent performance in repetitive social settings

Social robots can sustain a high level of performance when dealing with multiple social interactions without compromise.

Understand users better

Analytics and data captured allow you to understand your users to make the changes to serve them better.

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Our Journey So Far



Dex-Lab develops Dexie, a multi-competent social robot for use in the healthcare sector.

Its Dementia Care Program is proudly co-developed with industry partner Goshen Consultancy for use at nursing homes for people with dementia.


The development of the Dementia Care Program marks a significant milestone for the aged care industry as it is the first of its kind to offer a "ready-to-go solution" that impacts the nursing home residents and augments manpower.



Dex-Lab develops Dexton, a cloud-based Robot Operating System (ROS) that integrates A.I. chat functions, robotics motor control, robotics animation module and client remote control module all under a robust system.


This power house ROS has been designed for robotics developers to easily integrate new motors as well as dynamically animate robots without writing a single line of code.



Dex-Lab originated as a Nanyang Technological University Research-led Program on Social Robotics.


It has since grown to become a pioneering social robotics solution provider for healthcare, education and service industries that focuses on executing social tasks to augment manpower productivity as well as improving user engagement experiences.

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